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Custom filters

Custom filters allow you to hide statuses that contain certain words or whose content is longer or shorter than a given length that you specify.

At the moment custom filters will hide the statuses in your timeline entirely. There are plans to show a place holder status with the reason that the status was filtered out so that it can be viewed if, for example, the account posting it is trusted. But that is for a future update :)

Plain text filters

You can create a filter for each word or term that you would like Mercury to check for in a status. These are case sensitive, so

My Neighbour Totoro


my neighbour totoro

will be treated the same.

Regular expression (regex) filters

Mercutry will also let you filter out statuses whose content matches a regular expression. You can take a look at the examples in Apple’s developer documentation or play around with regexr to build up the expressions you would like.

With regular expressions, you can also filter multiple terms out with a single filter. For example:


will filter any statuses containing either “tetsuo” or “kaneda”.

You can also do more complex things like (#[^#]+#[^#]+#) to filter out any statuses that contain 3 or more hashtags.

Having trouble logging in

You can clear all current sessions from the app by visiting mercury:///clear_all_sessions in Safari on your iPhone.

This will log you out and take you back to the login screen where you can try logging in again. If you’re still having issues, please send me an email and I will try and help you out :)

By default Mercury does not permit logins for servers that have been blocked by

Saving hashtags

Tap on a hashtag in the timeline or from the search results list and then tap on the tag icon at the top right. This will add the hashtag to the list of saved tags on the main screen. To remove it, you can tap the tag again.

Managing lists

Adding people to lists and creating lists

When you are on someone’s profile page, tap the (…) next to the follow/unfollow button and then tap “Add to list”. On the add to list screen, you can select existing lists to add the user to and/or create a new list by typing its name in the box at the top. You can add a user to a new list and to existing lists at the same time.

Removing people from lists

From the main screen, find the list you want to delete and swipe right. Then select the people you want to remove and tap remove at the top right.

Deleting lists

From the main screen, find the list you want to delete and swipe left.

Unsupported instances

Mercury takes a zero tolerence stance on abuse and harassment and as such does not support many instances that promote abuse and harassment. A full list of unsupported instances can be found at