Below is a list of some notable upcoming features and known issues. You can report an issue here

Version 1.0Up next


  • ✅Managed blocked domains
  • ✅Respect filtered words list
  • ✅Allow filters to be adjusted in app
  • Set focal point of image
  • ✅Add caption to images
  • ✅Auto play GIFs
  • ✅Edit profile
  • Share to app
  • ✅Redesigned profile screen
  • Create a poll
  • ✅Better support for dark mode on iOS 13
  • ✅Bigger image previews in timeline
  • ✅Customise timeline gestures
  • ✅Refresh thread on reply

Bug fixes

  • ✅Attach videos
  • ✅Fix favourites screen infinite scroll
  • ✅Custom emoji in toots are a little flaky at the moment
  • ✅Sporadic crash when searching statuses
  • ✅Allow status search results to behave like normal statuses
  • ✅Better handle UI related settings change

Version 1.1


  • Schedule toots
  • Pin a status to your profile
  • Switch instances
  • Emoji picker when creating a new toot
  • Discover screen
  • Look in to a unified timeine for multiple instance support
  • Save preferences in iCloud

Future versions

  • Full iPad support